7.-8. září 2019


Rotary Club Prague International / Mamun s.r.o,

Novakovych 893/7, 180 00 Praha 8
telefon: +420 603 564 968

Dragon Burgers is a project of Rotary Club Prague International, the English-speaking Rotary club in Prague, with members from more than 15 different countries.

We are very grateful to Zed Střžek, the producer of BurgerFest, and the entire BurgerFest staff, for allowing us to participate, as ALL of our profits go to charity causes, and we are ALL volunteers, so your money goes further!

Since we began our participation at BurgerFest, we have raised and donated more than 100,000 crowns to charities, mostly to Utelek Troja, the “dog” pound in Prague.

This year, we hope to raise 25,000 more. With your help, we can! And we will make it delicious for you to help!

Festivalové menu:

About our Burgers: THE BEST!! Different from any other burger at BurgerFest and you should try them – we think they will get your vote as the BurgerFest favorite!

They are made from a combination of pork and apples - our secret recipe - and we give you two mini-burgers for the price of one: a sweet one, made with cinnamon mayo (you will be surprised how good it is), and a VERY hot one, made with a special chili sauce from our restaurant partner, Curry House, the best Indian restaurant in Prague.

Come try our Dragon Burgers - they taste great, and our money goes to charity!