September 7-8, 2019


The exact program of this year’s edition is coming soon! And you have to look forward again! It will be a sign of a cooking show of grill masters from around the world. We welcome BBY Pit Boys GRYTA VÄSTERAS from Sweden, Emerson do Nascimento with his asados, or Matteo de Carli from Italy – a former chef from the Michelin restaurant and now a successful restaurateur.  BBQ Pit Boys chapters from Holland and Germany show you their style of grilling as well.

For all children, we have a large “Primáček” zone where they can enjoy some cartoons from TV, play games at Luxor or snatch in an inflatable castle. Kids up to 120-cm have free entrance to the festival! On this Saturday, kids band “Čiperkové” will perform at the stage and then continue with signature event. We also serve pleasant music by bands such as Lord Bishop Rocks – two-meter great guitarist from New York Bronx, Monna – rocksoul band from Prague, or Magenne – musician, composer and lyricist in one person. Saturday night, the punk-rock band Green Day Prague Idiots will end up. The busy day continues with another DJ set. On Sunday you can swing in the hips at Five O ‘Clock Tea, or the legendary band of 80-90s Abraxas with Slavek Janda. The evening will be played by the ULTIMA – metal band. Among other things, you can look forward to two other bands, which are a surprise!

In addition to grill shows and good music, boys from stand up comedy “Na Stojáka” will be entertained, and there can be  some popular contests for eating burgers and amateur barbecue. Also visit the Instax zone, where you can have photo and donate some money for children charity “Nadání a dovednosti”. Try real American football, check out the old American cars and Harley Davidson bikes, or have a small talk with Lukáš Kvapil who was at Relley Dakar and much more.

The gates open on Saturday, September 8th, at 10:00 AM burger legends and new burger houses offer you plenty of burger of all colors, tastes and styles; traditionally we do not forget on vegetarians and gluten free! Well, after a good portion of meat, you can put a sweet dot in the form of rolled ice cream from Rolls Bros or the well-proven classic from Carte D’Or, which you can make a good Nespresso coffee. Beer, Corona, Prosecco, wine from the south slopes or something sharper? So go to the truck full of the best whiskey – Jack Daniel’s. You can taste great mixed drinks, such as classic Jack with a coke, Cinnamon Fire “Štrúdl” or honey on ice. That’s just the real America!

In beef we trust!