September 7-8, 2019

KCBS Contest


Burgerfest is an unique two-day food and cultural festival regularly running under the auspices of the US Embassy and Prague 7. Was established in 2012 and is currently the largest festival of burgers and BBQ in Europe. It represents the culinary arts of fine restaurants not only in Prague but also from the entire Czech Republic, which is a burger and bbq own topics. The general partner is an ambassador of quality spirits – Jack Daniel’s and we also have support from the world’s most famous bunch of grilling enthusiasts – BBQ Pit Boys from the USA!

In this time the burger became a symbol of fast and often not very good quality food from a fast food restaurant. Burgerfest mission is to prove that the traditional American food, which is a burger, has its place in quality cuisine. The Festival aims to disprove the myths of American cuisine, culture and show that a burger is not a burnt poor quality piece of meat, but an art that deserves its festival!

Jack Daniel’s presents Burgerfest is not just about burgers and bbq, but primarily celebrates those who want to have fun, eat well, experience a slice of America in all its diversity and in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The 6th annual, original and a unique Burgerfest was really foolish. Once again, you could look forward to selecting the best burgers from the Czech Republic, but also for foreign guests. The 2017 edition featured a cooking show featuring grill masters from around the world who introduced new trends and techniques in preparing burgers.

The upcoming 8th edition will be held again at the Exhibition Grounds, Praha 8 and 7.-8. September 2019 and behind the main pavilion at “Krizikova fontana“! Check the news on our FB.

BURGERFEST KCBS Contest – Terms and Conditions

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Entry Fee: 250 € (includes 3x6m plot and electric)
Cleaning Fee: 50 €

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