September 7-8, 2024


Burgerfest and Prague Harley Days are getting bigger 👍

We have also invited FMX Gladiator games to our big American family: We will eat, drink, smell gasoline and fly through the air :). Just great show!

We have a great MATTEL zone for children, motorbikes for adults and lots of competitions and cooking for everyone else :).

This year’s cooking show line up is unique 🤟

We have experts at our word and the star of the whole event will be Zdenek Pohlreich with his show on Sunday together with BURGERFEST founder Zdenek Střížek 🙂

When Zdenek cooks, it’s not the same as Zdenek cooking :).

So actually you don’t have to sit at home all weekend and especially on Sunday 3.9.. So come trot and support them. Look, when will it happen to you that you will see two kings of the grill on the boards, which mean the gastro world 🙂