September 1-3, 2023


You can’t miss it!


3 days full of burgers, hotdogs, fries and other BBQ specialties. In addition, various consumption challenges and eating gastro specialties of all kinds. And what else but with culinary workshops by top chefs from here and abroad, cooking with celebrities or competitions for a number of valuable prizes and the choice of the best burger joint. Among the packed program, we can name, for example, the Saturday cooking of Burgerfest organizer and chef Zdenek Střížek with General Petr Pavlo, a cooking battle between Michelin chefs or a strongly aromatic experience in the form of eating Swedish fermented fish for a while. And there will also be a literally spicy competition in eating chili peppers, including the hottest ones. And to top it all off, guests from the Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil or Italy will pass on something of their art to the visitors. The Czech culinary scene is represented by, for example, pitMaster David Kubricht, Mr. Kubelík show, Honza Horák or Tomáš Vrána and of course Zdeněk Střížek.


10th anniversary of Prague Harley Days will be a party in the truest sense of the word for everyone who wants to have fun, enjoy a relaxed meal and great food, all among hundreds of iconic motorcycles. It doesn’t matter what motorcycle you ride, what brand or displacement, or whether you don’t ride at all. Prague Harley Days are an event for everyone, from bikers to teenagers, families with children, tourists or random passers-by. Throw away your worries and come enjoy the top event of the end of summer!

The fun ride of several hundred roaring motorcycles through the historic center of Prague has already become a tradition during Prague Harley Days, as well as a stop at the statue of St. Wenceslas. If everything goes according to expectations this year, neither the people of Prague nor the participants of the sleepy ride will be deprived of a stop at Wenceslas Square. In addition, this year the organizers are preparing a surprise on Wenceslas Square that will not be easily forgotten! The fun ride will start on Saturday, September 3 at 10:30 a.m. from the Exhibition Center in Holešovice.


The hitherto secret surprise is here! On Saturday afternoon, a crazy, damn low flyover of the historic Beech C45H Expeditor from 1942 over the Prague Exhibition Center is planned. In addition, one of the visitors will be lucky enough to enjoy the flight directly from the seat next to the pilot. All-round tickets will be entered into a raffle, and the owner of the drawn ticket will enjoy a flight directly from the cockpit of the plane!


Extreme sports and Harley Days go well together. That’s why this year the FMX zone under the leadership of Petr “Pilník” Pilát, where Brice Izzo and Zdeněk Fusek will perform, has expanded and visitors will enjoy an even more dose of adrenaline! For example, with Dakar competitor David Pabiška or a trial exhibition with motorcycle instructor Míra Lisý.


Rides on Harley-Davidson motorcycles of the current model year in a roughly 40-minute ride through Prague and its surroundings will excite all riders, whether they ride a Harley-Davidson or another machine. And there are also American cars with famous names and engines from Tucar, so that everyone can choose. And all this for free!

Proven bands will play proven rock legends such as Motörhead, Metallica or Green Day. What’s next? Blues, country, melodic rock and brisk rock’n’roll from morning to night. And a performance by rock singer Sabina Křováková and her band is scheduled for Saturday evening.


A battle of beautiful and fearless women who will perform a breathtaking performance on the pole with elements of modern dance, gymnastics and acrobatics, all accompanied by the rock band StarWalk. The pole dance battle has been fun for years, and it’s definitely tempting at Prague Harley Days. Therefore, it cannot be missed in the 10th grade.


A work of art on two wheels, this is a custom bike show or motorcycle conversion competition. This year in 2 categories – H-D Modified or Radical – for machines of any brand. The game includes trophies from the artist Petr Vaňek and valuable prizes from the brands Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde or from Motorcycle Storehouse.


While the smallest Harley Days visitors will be safely frolicking in a flood of Mattel toys, competing and learning new skills in workshops in the popular family zone, teenagers and adults alike can enjoy the bizarre American horror spectacle prepared by the post-apo Convoy.

You can’t miss it!

Givi Kross September 2. on Prima Fresh cooking stage!

Givinar Kříž alias Givi Kross is already known in the Czech Republic for his performances, but not in the field of gastronomy, but from the stage, where together with his cousin Jordan Haj and music producer Jiří Burian he forms the Kapitán Demo project.
This year he accepted the challenge, which he does not refuse, and will perform on September 2. from 17:30 Prima Fresh cooking stage Křižík fountain Burgerfest. This bomb is not to be missed!

Going to Fair Trade!

To top it all off, we’re going to have a blast at this year’s Burgerfest as well. Pepper, sauce, rum and whole three days, from Friday to Sunday 2-4.9. Again in tandem with the Český mlýnek stand.
Burgerfest will be spiced up with La Plantation Kampot on the stage as well, and our goodies will also be spiced up at the Bezment stand
Samai Rum will also be present in four basic forms.
You can find our partner Premium Gastro on stage for a change. 😎
And if a truck and customs officials are thrown in, maybe even a magician will come from Cambodia 🤣 If it’s still raining somewhere in Dolní Dvořište or the customs officer will be dewing from it (which I understand), you’ll find him under the tree. And it will be power… Barrel power… 😊
Anyway, come to Burgerfest, we’ll have rum and pepper speech 😎

Another 10th years of FUN!

The largest European carnivore festival for fans of great food, entertainment and cooking shows is already celebrating its 11th birthday. We are supporters of the fact that what works should not change much! This year, Burgerfest will once again be combined with the popular motorcycle festival Prague Harley Days.

Harley-Davidson will celebrate 10 years in 2022! This means that 3 days of the best motorcycles, adrenaline-fueled FMX shows, stunts, parades, competitions, boxing matches and pole dances, entertainment for children, music, burgers, beer await you right in historic Prague… in short, a selection of the most interesting have you ever been able to experience at Prague Harley Days since 2013!

The whole family can enjoy themselves with us, and it doesn’t matter whether you arrive on a motorcycle or by tram.

The Biggest bacon cheese burger at Czech Republic!

The jubilee Burgerfest welcomed 21,000 visitors and broke the record for the biggest burger

The 10th year of Burgerfest, which took place over the weekend at the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds, was a real success. In addition to the perfect weather throughout the event, over 21,000 visitors enjoyed it and set a record. This was the largest burger in the Czech Republic, which weighed 95 kg and measured 98 by 24 cm, thanks to which it was possible to enter it in the Czech Book of Records. A total of 45,000 burgers in 53 bistros and restaurants were consumed at the event, 10 workshops and cooking shows were held, the best restaurants were selected and prizes worth more than CZK 500,000 were awarded.

“I am glad that over 21,000 visitors came to us in 3 days to enjoy good food and drink, culinary shows, concerts, but also powerful machines and another great spectacle. We were pleased not only by all those who came with a good mood and desire to enjoy the event after a year, but also a dream come true, which was to enter the Czech Book of Records, which in my opinion belongs more to the jubilee year than to any other, “says Zdeněk “Zed” Střížek, chef and organizer of Burgerfest.

But there was also a competition in eating burgers on time, voting for the best restaurant, which was won by Želva beer & burgers in front of Ben‘s Burger and Choosy Burger. Valuable prizes were also handed out in the form of coffee machines, grills, cooking utensils and much more.

Visitors could enjoy cooking with, for example, actress and presenter Eva Decastelo and culinary workshops of real masters from us and abroad. The whole event then culminated in a Prago Union concert, which most visitors did not miss on the last day of the event.

As last year, the 10th edition of Burgerfest merged with the Prague Harley Days, and once again it turned out that the merger really works, and next year it should be no different. In addition, the 10th year will be celebrated by the Prague Harley Days for a change, which already promises a unique spectacle and another year of a successful event.

Music is cure!

Quality music belongs to our festival as well as quality burgers. This year you will be danced by ZZ Top band from Litovle, Václav Upír Krejčí will entertain you, Lord Bishop will get you into rock and Prago Union will pull you through hip hop. It will be really big, but the biggest will come on Sunday 5.9. – an attempt to enter the Czech book of records. Will we make the largest burger in the Czech Republic and how much will it weigh? Well, we will surprise ourselves :).

And after the meal you will be thirsty, which will quench your chilled Pilsen, Staropramen or beers in a craft zone such as Moucha, Počernický pivovar or Zlatá kráva. For ladies, there will be a wine, prosecco or Martini, but also some sweets such as donuts or ice cream. We are preparing a big Jack Daniel’s truck full of goodies for the gentlemen :).

Mattel family zone

Mattel’s children’s zone for girls and boys will bring a lot of fun and joy. Your little ones will play with toys that you don’t have at home, but thanks to Matell and your children, you will have them at home! Well, what would you not do for your little ones? You will find us in the Family zone 🙂


Leave me at home!

This year’s Burgerfest is together with the Prague Harley Days and Burger Street Festival. It means at least twice as much noise and motorcycles, where you can look everywhere!

Please, consider if your four-legged pet will not be better at home .. If not, then with a muzzle and on a leash is welcome!


Only a few days remain until the start of the largest carnivorous event of 2021! And what can you look forward to? This year’s program is full of fun, experiences and most importantly well-being. This year you will enjoy a tug-of-war with Dodge Ram, Poll dance, FMX show led by Pilník, Junk town, steel giants of the Czech Army, lots of great burgers, a Mattel children’s zone and much more!

There will also be popular cooking shows this year, when boys from Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic will come to cook for you. We even teased Eva Decastelo, who will cook us some goodness. And we must not forget the burger eating contest. It will be very special and in addition. Best Czech food eater of anything, Radim Dvořáček, will come to us. This will be bad ass!

So weekend full of fun 🙂


All you need is love!

The 10th anniversary of Burgerfest will be a unique gastronomic and cultural experience!

We joined forces with the Burger Street Festival and decided to bring the best of the burger scene to Prague. Also this year you will see great cooking shows with chefs and Pip masters from several countries, including our favorite pyromaniac Karel Heinz Drew from Munich, who will present his ingenious fire show behind a grill made of a barrel.

Even this year, a lot of surprises and great experiences, lots of food, fun and especially well-being await you at the biggest carnivorous event of 2021!


… follow our social media and find out more 🙂


Take kids with you!

Primáček magazine from the children’s broadcast TV Prima has prepared a lot of activities for you for the little ones! In addition to a creative workshop with painting on T-shirts, which children will be able to keep, your little ones will try out coloring books, riddles and other puzzles, and they will leave the Primáčka stand with lots of gifts and colored hair! You will find us in the Family Zone

Vote for the BEST restaurant of Burgerfest

Vote for the BEST restaurant of the year! This year we will not cheat you again for voting for the BEST restaurant at Burgerfest 2020! So where did you get the best festival burger? You can vote both at Burgerfest web or at burger joints (look at the MAP)


The final of the program is in the world – take a look and burgers of various flavors, shapes and colors in a fluffy bun from the baker .. this year is BURGERFEST and a lot of fun! Food blogger De ja moo! will arrive from Switzerland and burger writer Heiko Blumentritt in one person, the BBQs will inspire “Šéfové na cestách”, led by Michelin-starred chef Matteo di Carli. Or is there a surprise from the Master Chef competition?

And if you are a fan of the cult czech TV series Slunečná, a yellow bus with its stellar cast will arrive as part of the Prima FRESH cooking stage. Of course, we also think of the smallest ones, which we will delight with the famous czech band but even in Primacek’s children’s zone, a lot of activities are prepared, including a bouncy castle. And why are we still doing it? We believe in beef!

ONLY 14 days – Burgerfest, Prague Harley Days and Concert for 10 milions!

You only sleep a few times and here is the long-awaited event of this crazy year! We say that the💥BURGERFEST💥 will be, will be and will be, so it will arrive at the Holesovice Exhibition Grounds on September 4 – 6. This time you are looking forward to 3 events in 1! – Burgerfest, Prague Harley Days and Concert for 10 million! And watch out for everyone: we have FREE ENTRY this year! 🤟


US Embassy auspices

Thank you for the auspices by US Embassy, ​​which supports our festival every year! At Saturday’s opening ceremony, this year’s 3in1 event we are looking forward to a short speech by a representative of the Embassy ​​and an American anthem – Burgerfest can begin !! However, the gates of Burgerfest will be open from Friday, September 4, from 3 pm this year.

Attention: admission is FREE!

Burgerfest 4-6th of September

The long-awaited information is here! Preparations have begun for the 9th year of BURGERFEST, which will be completely FAMOUS! There is a threesome waiting for you, which really likes you: burgers, bands and bikes! Just for one ticket even more fun that you really deserve after all. Because for the first time in history, Burgerfest will join another legendary festival of all lovers of freedom and gasoline – Prague Harley Days and the project Concert for 10 million, which is a thank you to all our rescue services in the fight against Covid-19.

AND ATTENTION: by purchasing a ticket from the pre-sale, you are donating one more to the IRS units that were helping us at the time of the covid! Follow the news soon you will find out where to buy the best ticket and especially what you can look forward to!

Covid info: if we were forced to cancel the event, we will ensure the return of the entrance fee or transfer of the ticket for the next year.

Covid fight – we helped IRS

Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t cough at you it’s over. A few numbers ⤵️ 👉 In total you / we cooked for 50 days!

This means more than 50,000 servings -> more than 50,000 filled hungry stomachs of IRS components 👩‍⚕️👮🏻‍♀️👩‍🚒 👉 More than CZK 340,000 was collected on a transparent account 💰 👉 Of this, CZK 100,000 goes to Lunches for Children, ie 4,000 lunches for children from socially disadvantaged families, for whom parents are unable to pay for school lunches due to their difficult financial situation. In recalculated, one whole class of 20 students has lunch for the whole year. “Many restaurants have given up their symbolic rewards in favor of Lunches for Children.” ❗️Other restaurants will use symbolic rewards for associations that operate in their localities. Perfectly! 😍❗️

Over 40 participating restaurants 👉 Countless amazing and positive responses 👉 When necessary, we can pull on one rope In superlatives, we could talk / write for hours. You were famous and we thank you all again! ❤️ We hope to meet together someday! Thanks again and the imaginary hat down 🎩

Burger ARENA at Motosalon in BRNO

5-8. March 2020 in Brno as part of the Motosalon! And it will be great, you just must not miss it. The largest meat-eating event on the planet. We have combined our experience with the Burger Street Festival to create an amusement park full of burgers, good beer, fun and especially motorbikes with girls.

You’ll get there by train. Free admission to Burgerfest included MOTOSALON!

“In beef we trust”

Program EN 2019

That was 2019:

Winner of the vote!

We have the winners of the vote on the BEST restaurant! During Burgerfest all weekend you could vote for the best restaurant of the year. And as we promised, we fulfill – here they are drawn and they win:

1. Petr Nechvátal wins LotusGrill

2. Simona Budinková wins a Dellinger cleaver

3. Jiří Endršt wins steak knives from Premium Gastro

Other details are sent by e-mail.

Who was the winner?

Burgerfest is over and we are looking forward to the 9th edition!

And who was the winner of this year?

Vote for the best restaurant of Burgerfest 2019

Going to Burgerfest? Support your favorite burgerhouse in the BEST RESTAURANT COMPETITION at Jack Daniel’s Burgerfest 2019 and win a cool grill
Vote right HERE on the web!

ATTENTION: You can vote from 10:00 to 22:00 and on Sundays from 10:00 to 15:00

KCBS Contest is just around the corner!

Main partners are Remundi, Steeltrend / smokyfun.net. The best Czech team will be invited to Jack Daniel’s 2020 World Championship Invitational Barbecue ➡️www.jackdaniels.com/bbq

This weekend September 7 – 8th is time for BBQ! So definitely come to Výstaviště Holešovice in Prague 🍔🍔🍔

Ted Reader at Burgerfest!

Ted Reader for the first time in the Czech Republic and only at Jack Daniel’s Burgerfest

This thick guy from Toronto, Canada, created the world’s largest burger in 2010! 268 pounds of real beef stuffed into a roll of unbelievable size! Ted is simply number one!

Check out the world’s biggest burger HERE!

Have a cup of coffee at Lukas´s Relax Zone TKF…..

Have a cup of coffee at Lukas´s Relax Zone TKF…..

and you will support the charity projects Women 4 Women.

Come and enjoy great coffee from Nespresso to TKF Relax Zone for a voluntary donation. You will support with a good thing and in the zone you can meet Lukáš Kvapil, the Rally Dakar racer.

Jack Daniel’s – A piece of America that definitely belongs to burger

This year, the main partner of Burgerfest Jack Daniel’s  will come again in full force with a big truck, brand new bars and a zone full of activities and entertainment. With more than 150 years of history, the American whiskey brand is produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee, a mecca for BBQ.

At Jack Daniel’s, you can choose from classic on ice, as well as a wide range of mixed drinks such as Jack with Coke, Cinnamon Fire “Štrúdl” or Honey Tea. In your free time between eating and drinking, you can try folding a barrel in the Jack Daniel’s zone, have an airbrush and play a Jenga game. You can earn tokens for activities or buying drinks at the promoter, and then exchange valuable gifts.

Not only for the rock fans of Jack Daniel’s brand will be ready stand with a favorite merchand and visitors will be given the opportunity to dress in the colors of this legendary brand.

Check our line-up! It will be EPIC!

Czech our great line-up! And have a fun with band like the Lake Malawi, see grill shows by Ted Reader, Jancsa Jani or BBQ Pit Boys Chapters  or stand up comedy “Na Stojaka”. Enjoy time in Humvee Fun Zone or see excelent performance by FMX Rider Libor Podmol. Of course we have something for your kids …

Take the children with you! And up to 120 cm are GRATIS

The whole family is entertained at Jack Daniel’s presents Burgerfest.

So do not leave your kids at home! NEW we have family tickets 2 + 2 for just 300 CZK 👶 UP to 120 cm have GRATIS entrance and can look forward to a GREAT performance of the czech famous kids band – “Kašpárek v rohlíku.”

Grill masters wanted!

Directly from Kansas we got permission for a spectacular event at JD Burgerfest 2019:

BBQ Contest according KCBS rules

KCBS has over the 30+ years of operation become the “biggest and best” in BBQ and sets the standard for competitive food events around the world.

Sign up your team and show to everyone what you can!

Prize money 4.000$

Teams for two days compete in these categories: Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork Shoulder or Boston Butt and Beef Brisket.

More info: https://www.burgerfest.cz/en/kcbs-contest/

Contact email: zdenek@burgerfest.cz

Show your burgers at Burgerfest

From 19th of May you can signing up your burgerhouse for this year’s Jack Daniel’s presents Burgerfest-the biggest burger event in Europe! Well, if you think you’re making the best burgers far away and don’t worry about the strong competition, don’t hesitate and log in. The capacity of the seats is limited and as usual it is a fast… Want more info? Send mail to: restaurace@burgerfest.cz


Check our INSTAGRAM!! Do you have a great photo from Burgerfest? So share it on your IG and tag: #burgerfestprague #inbeefwetrust 

PF 2019

BURGERFEST wants you the most! And a lot of good burger! Thank you all for your support, without you, it would not be us!

The Burgerfest Team

Jack Daniel’s presents Burgerfest 2018

Have you missed Jack Daniel’s presents Burgerfest 2018? So do not be afraid and book your  free for 7th – 8th September 2019! In the photogallery on the web and on our Instagram you will find some great photos! 🙂

We look forward to the next year – because “In beef we trust!”

And here we have this winners of 2018

Veggie also welcome!

On Saturday, at 10 it starts! Taste all burgers not only from the proven burgers but also new burger house. This time it will be at “Křižíkova fontána” – behind of the main building. The tickets are only available on the spot now (2-days tickets only for 100 CZK). So do not eat and come straight! Well, let’s take the whole family – children and dogs welcome! We are also prepaired for veggies and who has gluten free diet – because we have a few companies that do not forget about them in their menu!

🥕 Bejzment – a burger in the vege and gluten free version

🥕 Bolleta – vege

🥕Circus Burger – vege

🥕 Hot Pepper Pub – vege

🥕 IMRVÉRE – bezlepkový

🥕 Tommy’s food truck – vege i bezlepkuk

We are for whole family!

Take all the children with you, we have a large “Primáček area” where they can enjoy a lot of fun and up-to 120 cm is FREE entrance! On Saturday at 12:00 will perform their famous band “Čiperkové” after go to INSTAX zone, where is a signing event!

We are proud of!

What else? Nespresso at Burgerfest!

After all tasty burgers, beers and wine have something sweet! At Burgerfest find special rolled  icecream by Rolls Bros, or waffle from Smile Waffle, and simply have your cup of Nespresso coffee!

Cooking show – Zed vs Matteo

We have a ready-made program for you and, of course, including cooking show! In addition to the foreign grill masters, you can look forward to an extra evening show by Burgerfest founder – Zed, who will invite the lively Italian – Matte de Carli, former chef in the Michelin restaurant and now a successful restaurateur. Do not miss it! You can also win Instax camera at ČSFD web site and free tickets as well! The question is: what time shows will be!

Burgerfest is for your whole family

Take all kids with you! At Burgerfest have free access all kids up to 120 cm and they can enjoy a great time in children’s zone – Primáček

Kids have a lot of fun with Prima TV cartoons, popular board games, discovering sand painting, trying jumping and much more. So you have a time to taste all kind of burgers and enjoy whole days at this biggest burger’s event!

The biggest select of the best burgers

The festival is coming soon, in addition to the burger legends, new burger houses will show you their art! Come try to taste wide variation of burgers in all possible tastes and styles. Traditionally, we do not forget on vegetarian and who has gluten-free diet! Well, after a good portion of the meat, you can put a sweet dot in the form of Rolls Bros rolled ice-cream or classics of Carte D’Or, and then cup of fine coffee from Nespresso. Would you like beer, Corona, Prosecco, wine from the southern slopes or something sharper? So go to the truck full of the best whiskey – Jack Daniel’s. You can taste great mixed drinks, such as classic Jack with a coke, Cinnamon “Fire Strudl” or Honey on ice. That’s just the real America!

Enjoy the Jack Daniel’s presents Burgerfest all inclusive

The number of VIP tickets is limited – only 100 per day
Price: Saturday 2 500 CZK (10 AM to 11 PM), Sunday 2 000 CZK (10 AM to 6PM)

✅ Taste plenty variation of burgers 🍔
✅Unlimited drinking from Jack Daniel’s 🥃 and endless beer, and wine drinks also soft drinks
✅All inclusive VIP buffet where chef Mattio Chiuso will show off his culinary art from sunny Italy👨🍳
✅Private chill out zone for your maximum comfort ⛱️
✅Burgerfest T-shirt

Would you like to have a VIP ticket? Write on our e-mail: vip@burgerfest.cz

A little tasting from the program


You’re tasting super burgers,  will  enjoy the BBQ Pit Boys chapters show and entertain you stars like Lord Bishop , Monna, Abraxas 🎶, guys from Na stojáka and more. We do not forget even the smallest and therefore their beloved band “Čiperková” will perform!

This biggest event of the year you can not miss 🥩  Buy ticket at bit.ly/lupenBF2018


We have prepared several musical stars this year and one of them is this inimitable guitarist from the New York Bronx with his band Lord Bishop Rocks!

Registration will be started on 25th of June

Do you want to show that just your burger house is doing the best burgers? Sign up for Burgerfest. Registration for new entrants will be launched on June 25, 2017 here on the web! Beware, the capacity is limited and the places are fast full.

Grilling stylishly!

Check our Facebook, not miss a Burgerfest barbecue collection. Wait for the news, you have something to look forward to.

These guys were grilling last year

and this year you can looking forward to their fresh younger brothers!

BURGERFEST is just one and in PRAGUE

The real BURGERFEST is just one and that PRAGUE. So get up on the 7th and 8th of September 2019 from the couch, come at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague Holesovice and enjoy the great atmosphere of the 8th year of this legendary event !!

Burgerfest 2018 – a small sneak preview

Pit Boss is coming baby 🙂 And you have something to look forward to because Jermaine Marshall is a marine monster specialist and a true Southern Barbecue with a Creole-style touch. Sea food jambalaya from Jarmaine is simply the most!

BURGERFEST 2018 will be on 8-9th. of September 2018

You are looking forward to 7th Burgerfest – on 8-9th of September 2018

BURGERFEST also streamed to SOUTH KOREA – press release 2017

BURGERFEST also streamed to SOUTH KOREA The most impressive event of Jack Daniel’s presents Burgerfest took place on the 9th and 10th of September 2017 at the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds and the visitors enjoyed the 6th annual biggest burger festival in Europe. Imagine smell of grilled beef … can you smell that? It’s smells guuud!

Burger legends and new businesses have come from the Czech Republic, but also from our neighbors from Slovakia. Visitors were tasting a variety of burgers throughout the weekend in all possible tastes and presentations, and of course the burgers for vegies or bulk in gluten-free version. After a good portion of the meat, there was also a sweet dot in the form of a cronut, which is a combination of a donut and a croissant, or ice cream hamburger. For your dry throats was served not only Airstream from Staropramen, but also famous lemonade from KOLI with family tradition, and lovers of something sharper went directly to Jack Daniel’s’s truck that was as usual full of the best whiskey.

The program was great – on Saturday singing with her band Tonya Graves, with an unmistakable voice and charisma and K2 band. On Sunday the original artists from The Tap Tap. There were favorite contests for The best burger and restaurant of Burgerfest 2017. The winners were awarded valuable prizes. The newest was the contest of “Nejrychlejší vodražeč” and it was that the lucky winner went to the scooter the fastest of all and finaly drank the beer to the ex. This impressive performance brought him a win in the form of HD bike for the weekend. Burgerfest cared about our little ones, and Funpark Žirafa had a lot of game activities and fun for them. Burgerfest also helped and, together with the INSTAX donated 70.000 CZK for handicapped artists.

Was over 4000 kg of beef, consumed thousands of gallons of beer, soft drinks and a lot of Tennessee whiskey JD sooo…. You can look forward to next Burgerfest that will be hold on September 8-9. 2018 again at the Exhibition Grounds in Holešovice Prague. And why are we actually doing this? Because “In beef we trust”.

And here we have..

Thank you to all participants and the winners are: