September 1-3, 2023



Only a few days remain until the start of the largest carnivorous event of 2021! And what can you look forward to? This year’s program is full of fun, experiences and most importantly well-being. This year you will enjoy a tug-of-war with Dodge Ram, Poll dance, FMX show led by Pilník, Junk town, steel giants of the Czech Army, lots of great burgers, a Mattel children’s zone and much more!

There will also be popular cooking shows this year, when boys from Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic will come to cook for you. We even teased Eva Decastelo, who will cook us some goodness. And we must not forget the burger eating contest. It will be very special and in addition. Best Czech food eater of anything, Radim Dvořáček, will come to us. This will be bad ass!

So weekend full of fun 🙂