September 1-3, 2023


The Biggest bacon cheese burger at Czech Republic!

The jubilee Burgerfest welcomed 21,000 visitors and broke the record for the biggest burger

The 10th year of Burgerfest, which took place over the weekend at the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds, was a real success. In addition to the perfect weather throughout the event, over 21,000 visitors enjoyed it and set a record. This was the largest burger in the Czech Republic, which weighed 95 kg and measured 98 by 24 cm, thanks to which it was possible to enter it in the Czech Book of Records. A total of 45,000 burgers in 53 bistros and restaurants were consumed at the event, 10 workshops and cooking shows were held, the best restaurants were selected and prizes worth more than CZK 500,000 were awarded.

“I am glad that over 21,000 visitors came to us in 3 days to enjoy good food and drink, culinary shows, concerts, but also powerful machines and another great spectacle. We were pleased not only by all those who came with a good mood and desire to enjoy the event after a year, but also a dream come true, which was to enter the Czech Book of Records, which in my opinion belongs more to the jubilee year than to any other, “says Zdeněk “Zed” Střížek, chef and organizer of Burgerfest.

But there was also a competition in eating burgers on time, voting for the best restaurant, which was won by Želva beer & burgers in front of Ben‘s Burger and Choosy Burger. Valuable prizes were also handed out in the form of coffee machines, grills, cooking utensils and much more.

Visitors could enjoy cooking with, for example, actress and presenter Eva Decastelo and culinary workshops of real masters from us and abroad. The whole event then culminated in a Prago Union concert, which most visitors did not miss on the last day of the event.

As last year, the 10th edition of Burgerfest merged with the Prague Harley Days, and once again it turned out that the merger really works, and next year it should be no different. In addition, the 10th year will be celebrated by the Prague Harley Days for a change, which already promises a unique spectacle and another year of a successful event.