September 1-3, 2023



The final of the program is in the world – take a look and burgers of various flavors, shapes and colors in a fluffy bun from the baker .. this year is BURGERFEST and a lot of fun! Food blogger De ja moo! will arrive from Switzerland and burger writer Heiko Blumentritt in one person, the BBQs will inspire “Šéfové na cestách”, led by Michelin-starred chef Matteo di Carli. Or is there a surprise from the Master Chef competition?

And if you are a fan of the cult czech TV series Slunečná, a yellow bus with its stellar cast will arrive as part of the Prima FRESH cooking stage. Of course, we also think of the smallest ones, which we will delight with the famous czech band but even in Primacek’s children’s zone, a lot of activities are prepared, including a bouncy castle. And why are we still doing it? We believe in beef!