September 1-3, 2023


Going to Fair Trade!

To top it all off, we’re going to have a blast at this year’s Burgerfest as well. Pepper, sauce, rum and whole three days, from Friday to Sunday 2-4.9. Again in tandem with the Český mlýnek stand.
Burgerfest will be spiced up with La Plantation Kampot on the stage as well, and our goodies will also be spiced up at the Bezment stand
Samai Rum will also be present in four basic forms.
You can find our partner Premium Gastro on stage for a change. 😎
And if a truck and customs officials are thrown in, maybe even a magician will come from Cambodia 🤣 If it’s still raining somewhere in Dolní Dvořište or the customs officer will be dewing from it (which I understand), you’ll find him under the tree. And it will be power… Barrel power… 😊
Anyway, come to Burgerfest, we’ll have rum and pepper speech 😎