September 4-6, 2020

Krizik's fountain in Exhibition grounds, Prague



Take kids with you!

Primáček magazine from the children’s broadcast TV Prima has prepared a lot of activities for you for the little ones! In addition to a creative workshop with painting on T-shirts, which children will be able to keep, your little ones will try out coloring books, riddles and other puzzles, and they will leave the Primáčka stand with lots of gifts and colored hair! You will find us in the Family Zone

Vote for the BEST restaurant of Burgerfest

Vote for the BEST restaurant of the year! This year we will not cheat you again for voting for the BEST restaurant at Burgerfest 2020! So where did you get the best festival burger? You can vote both at the Info point and at Merchendise 3v1  (look at the MAP)


The final of the program is in the world – take a look and burgers of various flavors, shapes and colors in a fluffy bun from the baker .. this year is BURGERFEST and a lot of fun! Food blogger De ja moo! will arrive from Switzerland and burger writer Heiko Blumentritt in one person, the BBQs will inspire “Šéfové na cestách”, led by Michelin-starred chef Matteo di Carli. Or is there a surprise from the Master Chef competition?

And if you are a fan of the cult czech TV series Slunečná, a yellow bus with its stellar cast will arrive as part of the Prima FRESH cooking stage. Of course, we also think of the smallest ones, which we will delight with the famous czech band but even in Primacek’s children’s zone, a lot of activities are prepared, including a bouncy castle. And why are we still doing it? We believe in beef!

ONLY 14 days – Burgerfest, Prague Harley Days and Concert for 10 milions!

You only sleep a few times and here is the long-awaited event of this crazy year! We say that the💥BURGERFEST💥 will be, will be and will be, so it will arrive at the Holesovice Exhibition Grounds on September 4 – 6. This time you are looking forward to 3 events in 1! – Burgerfest, Prague Harley Days and Concert for 10 million! And watch out for everyone: we have FREE ENTRY this year! 🤟


US Embassy auspices

Thank you for the auspices by US Embassy, ​​which supports our festival every year! At Saturday’s opening ceremony, this year’s 3in1 event we are looking forward to a short speech by a representative of the Embassy ​​and an American anthem – Burgerfest can begin !! However, the gates of Burgerfest will be open from Friday, September 4, from 3 pm this year.

Attention: admission is FREE!


The 9th year of BURGERFEST 2020🍔🍔 will be more bloated than ever before. We are putting it together with the Prague Harley Days 2020 and the Concert for 10 Million project. 3 DAYS OF MAXIMUM FUN AND STARS YOU MUST SEE LIVE!

Look forward to MEGA tuned burgers, strong American🇺🇸machines and a load of great music like:

In beef we trust!

Burgerfest 4-6th of September

The long-awaited information is here! Preparations have begun for the 9th year of BURGERFEST, which will be completely FAMOUS! There is a threesome waiting for you, which really likes you: burgers, bands and bikes! Just for one ticket even more fun that you really deserve after all. Because for the first time in history, Burgerfest will join another legendary festival of all lovers of freedom and gasoline – Prague Harley Days and the project Concert for 10 million, which is a thank you to all our rescue services in the fight against Covid-19.

AND ATTENTION: by purchasing a ticket from the pre-sale, you are donating one more to the IRS units that were helping us at the time of the covid! Follow the news soon you will find out where to buy the best ticket and especially what you can look forward to!

Covid info: if we were forced to cancel the event, we will ensure the return of the entrance fee or transfer of the ticket for the next year.

Covid fight – we helped IRS

Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t cough at you it’s over. A few numbers ⤵️ 👉 In total you / we cooked for 50 days!

This means more than 50,000 servings -> more than 50,000 filled hungry stomachs of IRS components 👩‍⚕️👮🏻‍♀️👩‍🚒 👉 More than CZK 340,000 was collected on a transparent account 💰 👉 Of this, CZK 100,000 goes to Lunches for Children, ie 4,000 lunches for children from socially disadvantaged families, for whom parents are unable to pay for school lunches due to their difficult financial situation. In recalculated, one whole class of 20 students has lunch for the whole year. “Many restaurants have given up their symbolic rewards in favor of Lunches for Children.” ❗️Other restaurants will use symbolic rewards for associations that operate in their localities. Perfectly! 😍❗️

Over 40 participating restaurants 👉 Countless amazing and positive responses 👉 When necessary, we can pull on one rope In superlatives, we could talk / write for hours. You were famous and we thank you all again! ❤️ We hope to meet together someday! Thanks again and the imaginary hat down 🎩

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About the festival

The 9th year of BURGERFEST is getting ready! Come to our trio: Burgerfest, Prague Harley Days and Concert for 10 million. September 4 – 6, 2020, Krizik’s Fountain, Prague 7. Burgers, bands and bikes – even more fun that we all deserve after all! You have something to look forward to, because this year will be famous – for the first time in history, BURGERFEST will be joined by another legendary festival of all leather and petrol lovers – the Prague Harley Days and the Concert for 10 Million. And ATTENTION – this year are tickets FREE!

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In beef we trust



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